Homemade Chicken Apple Sausage


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I love how easy making sausage is. It is really just a matter of mixing together a few ingredients, forming the sausage and cooking. However, you can get a variety of flavors and textures by altering the ingredients even a little bit. In this recipe, for example, I started by using Gala apples. These gave the finished product more sweetness. In the version below, I have substituted Granny Smith apples which are often on the tart side. The change in flavor is subtle but seems to bring out the sage a little more than the Galas. I enjoyed the Granny Smiths so much I decided to make them a permanent part of my recipe. If you make this recipe with a different apple variety, leave a comment and let me know how it turns out.


1 lb Ground Chicken
1 Medium Granny Smith Apple (or other variety)
1 T. Sage
1 ½ t. Salt
½ t. Black Pepper
½ T. Coconut Nectar (substitute honey or molasses if you do not have coconut nectar)


-Peel and shred the apple
-In a medium bowl, add all ingredients.
-Mix well until all ingredients are dispersed and combined (hands work best for this job).
-Cover tightly and refrigerate for 5-8 hours.
-Form into patties ½ - ¾ inches thick.
-Cook in a large skillet over a medium heat about 5-8 minutes per side or until done.


-If you do not like the idea of plunging your bare hand into a bowl full of raw meat, invest in a box of food handling gloves.


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