Corn Free Baking Powder


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All of my recipes are corn free. Unfortunately, where I live, finding an ingredient like baking powder that does not have corn starch in it is nearly impossible. So I took to the internet and my cookbooks to find the best homemade alternative. Most sources agree that you can easily make your own using the following formula:

1 Part Baking Soda
2 Parts Cream of Tartar
2 Parts Starch (Tapioca or Arrowroot)

I have been using this version for some time now and have great results every time (OK, the recipes don’t always work but the leavening does). Some do-it-yourselfers will use potato starch but my cooking is free of nightshades like potato. Therefore, my starches are kept to Tapioca and Arrowroot. I use both and find they work equally well, although the tapioca is often cheaper. You might even omit the starch entirely if you will be using the powder immediately and not storing it. Let me know if you have a different formulation and how it works for you.


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